Rebecca Rowlands

Rebecca Rowlands

Gender: Female

Job Summary

  • Triage and review patients presenting with mental heal conditions.
  • Please book triage appointments directly into EMIS/S1 diary or send a task if you would like a review first.​

What I can do

  • Offer triage for a range of mental health conditions: Depression / Anxiety / Stress and post traumatic responses / Emotional instability / Voice hearing and other psychotic experiences / Dementia & memory problems. 
  • Offer signposting advice, treatment recommendations, and make referrals to Talking Therapies, specialist services and secondary mental health care.
  • Not a prescriber – but can make that assessment and task GPs for medication
  • Can complete and review Med3s for mental health needs as required.

What I can't do

  • Triage patients under 18. 
  • Specific medication reviews – these need to be done by GP as the prescriber (but can review and assess mental state for follow ups as needed).​
  • Support patients who are presenting in crisis – they should be directed to mental health crisis service if they need urgent support within 24hrs. 
  • Support people who are already under the care of CMHT/secondary services.​