Sarah Kimber

Sarah Kimber

Gender: Female
Primary qualifications: RN (Adult), MSc Advanced Practice/NMP 2010

Job Summary

  • A nurse practitioner, working alongside GP’s, with the ability to assess, diagnose, manage and prescribe medication for a wide range of acute/urgent needs.
  • Part of the Duty Team
  • Triaging phone calls put through by reception for OTD assessment
  • Triaging eConsults
  • Seeing OTD presentations

I completed my Nursing training in 2001 at University of West England, Bristol, specialising in General Adult Nursing.

I have worked in acute hospital environments specialising in general medicine and respiratory care. I left secondary care to study / work towards my Msc Advanced Practice working as a Community Sister for several years.

For the last 14 years I have worked as a Nurse Practitioner specialising in urgent acute care within general practice, urgent care units and GP out of hours.

I joined the team at Lambourn in 2021 working as part of the duty team in managing acute presentations and providing advice and support in managing a range of ongoing chronic presentations.